DoorDash Woes

The longer I do DoorDashing, the more I notice that the relationship is an abusive one. If DoorDash didn’t have drivers, they’d have no business. But their business model is to abuse the drivers until they either quit or they accept that DD’s profits are based on screwing the drivers out of as much money as they can. From what I can tell, DD keeps around 75% of the money they get from their customers (restaurants and other businesses) and drivers have to be content with $2.00 to $2.75 for pay and any tips that the end user deems to be fair. In the past two years, those tips have become scarcer and scarer. The median tip is now $2-3. So your total compensation for a delivery is about $4-5. And if you refuse to do a $2.00 delivery your ratings suffer because DD penalizes you because, in their eyes, you’re obligated to accept ALL deliveries. So much for independent contractor status, DD drivers are employees with NO benefits.