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Well, I haven’t had anything to gripe about since I finally got my Snickerdoodle Black, but I haven’t had a chance to delve into it, since I have other projects that I’ve been working on. I’m in between contracts, but the holiday season has put a crimp on “work” time. Besides the Snickerdoodle Black, I’ve got a number of Raspberry Pis, a few Pine A64s, 2 TinyFPGA BXs and about a half dozen Arduino Unos. Nothing like a little variety to keep the creative juices flowing. Bought a new laptop to put all the IDEs on because it was a pain to keep on cluttering up my office with all the detritus from the little boards and all the peripherals. Bought some cases for the Unos and they got delivered today. Hope to be posting some of my investigations on GitHub or GitLab. I don’t know if I’ll post notices here or on, so keep an eye on both places.

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Finally some good, maybe great news! I got an email saying my snickerdoodle black and piSmasher have shipped. Now all i need is the rest of my order, the power supply and SD card with OS to ship. Of course the main reason for ordering this was to develop a product, but the cost increase has made it infeasible.

It’ll still be interesting to develop some software for this product, I haven’t done FPGA programing for 15 years, and I’m sure things have changed.

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Well, more “news” from krtkl: the rest of the preorders of snickerdoodle black have finally arrived, less some parts. So I guess that means shipments will take place in the next couple of months unless there are more delays. I placed my order March 2016, 2 1/2 years ago. And the piSmasher still hasn’t shipped, even though it’s 3 times the price I ordered it at. I’d say these products are the ultimate fail. Makes me hesitant to back any more non-shipping products lest I get involved in another vaporware product.

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Well, finally got another update from krtkl:

Also, in snickerdoodle news…another shipment of ~200 boards just landed at Crowd Supply and we’ve started the next batch of snickerdoodle blacks. Combined, this will represent the LAST of the preordered snickerdoodles – we made it!!! These are likely still several weeks from shipping, but the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to get a lot brighter.

Well, it is progress, but it’s been over 2 years in the making, and I haven’t gotten it yet.

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Well, finally got an update from krtkl about snickerdoodle. No mention of the snickerdoodle black, bu there was this:

snickerdoodle black – qty 1
This is a pre-order.
Originally expected to ship on Jun 29, 2016
Currently expected to ship on Apr 20, 2018
piSmasher SBC – qty 1
This is a pre-order.
Originally expected to ship on Jun 29, 2016
Currently expected to ship on Jul 26, 2018

This could be a LOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG wait. Two more months (at least).


Oops, I didn’t read the whole update, they state:

  • 100 more snickerdoodle blacks (including the last of the ‘connectors up’ preorders) are scheduled to be delivered to Crowd Supply by the end of June.
  • piSmasher is going to fab the last week of May; if all goes according to plan, we should (finally) be shipping production units by mid July.

That’s still 2 months out, unless the dates slip again.

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No updates from krtkl since April 10, 2018. I don’t know if I even care when it arrives. There’s no way I’d give them anymore money if I was to develop a product using the snickerdoodle black. Time to look more for alternate platforms.

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Well, there’s been an update from krtkl, but snickerdoodle black wasn’t mentioned. I guess no news is bad news. They mentioned the supply chain has completely broken down, they just can’t get parts. Not that that helps the backers. They still haven’t gotten to the point that they are making piSmashers. So the snickerdoodle black wouldn’t do me too much good. Maybe if I could get the software I could start developing something for the vapor hardware.