More 5: snickerdoodle

Well, there’s been an update from krtkl, but snickerdoodle black wasn’t mentioned. I guess no news is bad news. They mentioned the supply chain has completely broken down, they just can’t get parts. Not that that helps the backers. They still haven’t gotten to the point that they are making piSmashers. So the snickerdoodle black wouldn’t do me too much good. Maybe if I could get the software I could start developing something for the vapor hardware.

More 4: snickerdoodle

Well, there haven’t been any updates from krtkl about progress on shipments, so I’ve started to look around for another vendor that supplies an SBC integrated with an FPGA for a project I want to do. Results for my search so far has yielded the SYZYGY Brain-1 at $350 which comes from a company with a little more street cred, Opal Kelly, and the Z-turn board at $119 from MYIR Tech Limited. The $99 part is a Zynq-7010 part whereas I’m interested in the more powerful Zynq-7020 at $119. I sent off an inquiry to the company, but so far I haven’t heard back from them.