Lightweight Devices

Well, I haven’t had anything to gripe about since I finally got my Snickerdoodle Black, but I haven’t had a chance to delve into it, since I have other projects that I’ve been working on. I’m in between contracts, but the holiday season has put a crimp on “work” time. Besides the Snickerdoodle Black, I’ve got a number of Raspberry Pis, a few Pine A64s, 2 TinyFPGA BXs and about a half dozen Arduino Unos. Nothing like a little variety to keep the creative juices flowing. Bought a new laptop to put all the IDEs on because it was a pain to keep on cluttering up my office with all the detritus from the little boards and all the peripherals. Bought some cases for the Unos and they got delivered today. Hope to be posting some of my investigations on GitHub or GitLab. I don’t know if I’ll post notices here or on, so keep an eye on both places.