Oops Again.

Well , I misidentified the Lisp-like languages on my iOS devices. Here’s my folder of prgramming paraphernalia on my main iPhone:

MyLisp and cl-repl are Lisps, LispPad is a Scheme interpreter and Replete is a clojurescript interpreter.

The coolest thing I’ve found…

The coolest thing I’ve found lately is the programming language Rust. Admittedly, it hasn’t been that recently, i decided to explore it in 2019. Other than being what I consider to be a C language without the pitfalls of C., it’s a rather non-remarkable language.

On the other hand, I still am a fan of functional languages. I was introduced to the functional language Lisp in 1972. I immediately felt a kinship. Lately I do more in Clojure and Haskell on more standard OSes. Tho I play with LispPad on my iOS devices. This is a common lisp dialect which is a joy to fool around with.