which BOINC projects give the most credit?

Subtitle: And which BOINC projects cheat the most

Well, in the most recent iteration of contributing to BOINC, i’ve found that quite a few projects don’t seem to feel that rules are for the common good. The main culprit seems to be World Community Grid, the IBM project. Inside BOINC, you technically grant projects a share of your computer resources. Then the BOINC executable is supposed to run the workunits that you’ve downloaded according to those rules. But those shares are ignored by BOINC and projects like WCG, LHC@Home, and Rosetta@Home can monopolize your resources with impunity. I single out those projects because they also cheat you on credits given. As far as I can tell, projects are given leeway to grant credits as they wish, with the suggestion that 200 credits be granted for each workunit that takes 1 day to process on a 1gHz machine. The above mentioned projects grant considerably less than that, with IBM’s WCG is the grand prize miser granting a measly 25 credits per workunit per day. maybe publicly shaming them will cause them to quit cheating, but I doubt it.