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Well, I’ve got another update. Snickerdoodle black is now due December 28, 2017 and the piSmasher SBC is now due March 8, 2018. Just another disappointment. I wonder if it was just an overly ambitious project. There’s been a number of schedule delays .Krtkl does keep us updated on the latest delay, I’ll give them that. I’ll be interesting to work with a Xilinx processor after being away for about 15 years. Yeah, 2003 was the last time I touched one of their processors.

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The one positive thing is that if I ordered the snickerdoodle black now it’s up to $195 and the piSmasher SBC board is up to $195, but I’m not sure whether what I bought are the same devices. It’s taken so long to get these, I don’t even know what I’m going to use them for, because the project I was going to use them for has been shelved.

Well, we’re trying this again

I think this is the third web hosting company in 3 years. I hope I don’t have to do this again. My Dotster web site was apparently hacked and everything I tried to fix it didn’t work. No help from Dotster, their support was non-existent.

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I’m going to discussing the trials and tribulations of developing on cheap single board computers like the Raspberry Pi, Pine A64, and the krtkl Snickerdoodle ( I bought the Snickerdoodle Black which uses a Xilinx 7020 SoC).

I’ll also discuss Smalltalk, my favorite programming language, since I discovered it in that Byte magazine issue from 1983. It was powerful paradigm back in the early ’80s, and still is.